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What will I be doing as a Consultant with Swipe?
Why would I become a Consultant with Swipe?
What will I earn?
What’s involved in running a Swipe Party?
What support will I receive?
Who would I work for?
What hours would I work?
What's it going to cost me?
What is the background to Swipe?
Why Swipe?

hat will I be doing as a Consultant with Swipe?

You will run your own business in one of the most enjoyable ways possible - running interactive Parties, which are a very social, informative and a fun way to demonstrate our high quality, environmentally friendly cleaning and personal care products.

You'll receive quality sales and business training, and business tools such as management and marketing processes and concepts. You will also be offered regular free training and ongoing support to take your new business to a new level.

At Swipe, we offer products people need to buy and use every day. Our customer benefit from using super concentrated products of the highest quality that are compelling value, highly effective and environmentally friendly.

Why would I become a Consultant with Swipe?

You will discover how much fun it can be to run your own business.
Marketing your business is a breeze as the demand for cleaning products is enormous. Just think about how many people:

  • need to clean their homes, clothes and themselves every day,
  • buy some sort of cleaning products every month,
  • are now concerned with their impact on our world and environment.

Despite all this money being spent on cleaning products, how many people know if their products are high quality and not full of wasteful fillers or ingredients that are harmful to the environment?

The untapped customer base for your business is huge. We will give you the training to identify and fulfill your customers' needs.
What will I earn?

As this is your own business, what you earn is entirely up to you. Our pricing is structured to provide great extra income or a real and sustainable primary income opportunity, depending on your aspirations. It really is up to you and your goals.

As a Swipe and NaturCare Consultant, you'll enjoy profits of $200 - $300 per Party*. For those with a strong career focus, there is the opportunity to achieve leadership levels, where the rewards are even greater.

The following calculation is based on an average Swipe Party sales of $ 600.

Parties Per Month            4              8             12
Profit as Consultant    $600     $1,200     $3,600
Hours / week                     3               6               9
The profit you can make from your new business could be substantial. Almost as important as this, you can focus on the fun factor, ie. partying and selling, while we look after the boring stuff. We've made the business even more profitable for you by keeping your running costs to very low levels - marketing materials are professionally designed yet sold to you at cost and you get free use of our credit card merchant facility.

*Based on average Party sales and dependent on amount of Parties held per month.
What’s involved in running a Swipe Party?

It really is simple. Most people know how to clean a home. Our consultants do not clean the home. They simply demonstrate the powerful and effective results that are achieved by using Swipe products. The demonstrations a re simple and only take a couple of minutes to perform.

As with anything, quality products make a huge difference. Our consultants simply and quickly demonstrate a few products from the Swipe range, explain the key benefits of using Swipe products and answering any questions..

Most Parties last around 1 hour and as our consultants do not need to take a large demonstration kit (like most other Party Plan companies), set up time before the Party and pack up time after the Party is minimal.
What support will I receive?

You will receive all the support you need to establish, grow and manage your business. To this end, we offer extensive training, ongoing support, and well-designed systems and processes to ensure you can run your business efficiently with minimum hassles.

Swipe wants to supply not only the highest quality products, but also give our consultants the confidence to use them. That is why we provide many free training options for you so that you can share our extensive cleaning knowledge and passion.

Your training includes:
  • ongoing cleaning training sessions, covering both products and party technique;
  • ongoing business training sessions, which focus on different areas of your business (eg. skills to generate leads, techniques to market your business, product knowledge and sales skills, tips on how to develop and manage your own team of consultants);
  • video-based training on products, demonstrations and techniques;
  • custom designed training to kick start your successful business;
  • a comprehensive manual for ongoing reference.

To support you in your business, we have:
  • business tools, marketing tools and specially developed Swipe and NaturCare Party modules ready to deliver to your customers;
  • a comprehensive and ever-expanding website, which gives you access to training materials, recipes and other valuable business tools to download;
  • an accurate and easy-to-use computerised ordering system an efficient delivery process which delivers your orders to your door or to your Host/Hostess, usually within 2-3 business days of ordering.
Who would I work for?

This is your business. Overnight, you will become a business owner with all the rewards and excitement that brings.
What hours would I work?

What hours do you want to work? As the boss of your own business you work the hours that suit your lifestyle and family. You decide when you work.

  • Determine your own income level.
  • Answer to yourself.
  • Manage work around your family and friends.

As the demand for the products and service you offer comes from all parts of the community, you will find customers to meet your weekly schedule. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme. If you wish to earn good profits from your business, you will need to put in some effort. However, the timing of that effort is decided by you and your lifestyle. We have some Consultants who have chosen to work 3 hours a month, and others who work 20 hours a week.
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What's it going to cost me?

When you become a Consultant you will receive everything you need to launch your new business. Your $99 Starter Kit includes a wide selection of our high-quality Swipe cleaning products, accessories and sales aids so that you can start marketing your business. Also comprehensive product and sales information along with a DVD with real life demonstrations performed by some of our consultants.
What is the background to Swipe?

In the 1960’s Chemical Associates Inc supplied industrial cleaning products to American industry. One of these products, named “20651”, was a concentrated general purpose cleaner that required mixing with water in three different strengths. The industrial customers soon discovered their employees were taking “20951” concentrate home (‘swiping’ it) in empty flasks and drink bottles.
“This miracle cleaner is better than anything we can buy”, they said.

Chemical Associates decided to package the concentrate into quart bottles, call it Swipe and promote it via the direct selling method using ‘word of mouth’ advertising.

Today, Swipe and its extensive product range (many of which are ex-industrial) has grown into a huge industry with a presence across the globe. Many customers have been using the product for over 40 years and whole generations have grown up using Swipe products..
Why Swipe?

The choice is simple:
  • A company that has been operating for 50 years in over 15 countries around the world;
  • Super concentrate products of the highest quality that are compelling value, highly effective and environmentally friendly;
  • An opportunity that will allow you to work around your family and lifestyle;
  • You are the boss and you determine if you want to earn some extra money in your spare time or build a primary income opportunity;
  • Join a team and environment that is fun and supportive to your needs.